The Project Team

To make sure the Children and Young People’s Assembly is designed and run in a way that works for children and young people, the project is being designed by an intergenerational team consisting of a Young Advisory Team and an independent research consortium.

The Young Advisory Team comprises nine children and young people from across Ireland, aged 8-16. The research consortium includes experts in children’s participation, deliberative democracy, and biodiversity from Dublin City University, University College Cork, and terre des hommes, an international organisation with a focus on children’s environmental rights.

First, meet the Young Advisory Team!

Co. Donegal & Co. Down
Co. Dublin
Co. Tipperary
Co. Cork
Co. Wexford
Co. Dublin
Co. Galway
Co. Waterford
Co. Wicklow

The Young Advisors are involved in:

Designing the Assembly process including the methods for how we will gather children and young people’s views and ideas.

Creating activities and materials for children and young people in the Assembly process.

Being part of the team of children, young people and adults who will facilitate the Assembly activities for the children and young people participating.

Shaping how we tell the story of how the Assembly develops on social media and in the news.

The Young Advisors are working together with researchers from Dublin City University, University College Cork and terre des hommes, an organisation that is working on issues connected to children’s environmental rights.