Apply to be an Assembly Member

In the Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss currently happening in Ireland, 99 adults (those 18 years old and above) have been randomly selected to represent the adult population. Using a similar approach, we will have 35 Assembly Members aged 7-17, randomly selected to fairly represent the diversity of children and young people in Ireland. 

The 35 Assembly Members will spend two weekends together in October, one in County Wicklow and the other in County Kerry, to learn about biodiversity and create calls to action for decision-makers in Ireland.

All costs (including travel and accommodation) are covered for Assembly Members and their parent or legal guardian. For more information, take a look here.

You are invited to tell us if you would like to be considered as an Assembly Member by clicking the link below. In this short film, our Young Advisory Team explains why we would love you to apply!

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