Energy and Transport

To create energy and transport systems which limit our impact on the environment and biodiversity, and make the most of opportunities for protecting and restoring biodiversity.

Turn Ireland’s energy green by:

  • Cutting out non-renewable forms of energy (i.e. ban coal,peat and oil)
  • Investing in research into new green energy sources, technologies and generators
  • Increasing wind turbines – every house should have a wind turbine!
  • Using kinetic energy in busy places to power electrical needs nearby
    e.g. kinetic energy generated from both people walking and vehicles driving in towns and cities could provide electricity to homes and businesses
  • Providing support and funding for people to install solar panels in their house.

Improve public transport so that it is good enough to be the preferred option for people. This would include:

  • Making it cheaper
  • Expanding tram and train networks outside of Dublin
  • Replacing parts of the existing road network with trams and trains, and rewilding redundant roads
  • Encouraging one car per household
  • Encouraging car sharing

Reduce use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions by:

  • Stopping production of new diesel and petrol cars and making the sale of existing diesel and petrol cars more expensive
  • Encouraging the sale and use of affordable electric cars
  • Creating more bike lanes and footpaths
  • Lowering the number of petrol stations and factories that use fossil fuels

Reduce the need for mining through improved recycling and reusing materials (e.g. electric car batteries) so that environments and habitats are protected from being destroyed.