Habitat and Species Protection

To protect our habitats and native species from the impact of invasive species and land use change.

Control and manage invasive species by:

  • Not bringing them into Ireland
  • Inspecting goods being shipped to Ireland
  • Paying people to locate invasive species
  • Trapping and releasing to a ‘new habitat’ (i.e. an animal sanctuary).
  • Introducing and enforcing fines for bringing them in (*fines proportional to wealth).
  • Using camera traps to detect invasive species
  • Raising awareness/telling people about them (through multiple channels – podcasts, social media, comedy)
  • Making them illegal
  • Telling people not to release them
  • Telling people if you see them

Prevent people from disturbing bogs, wildlife and animals in their natural habitat.

Create more hedgerows and ditches by providing incentives/rewards for reducing hedge/grass cutting and rewilding hedgerows.

Create a network of wildlife corridors, paths, tunnels and bridges across Ireland.

Make cats wear bells (to alert birds to their presence).

Stop hunting endangered species and birds in the wild.

Create a penalty point system to stop further destruction of habitat loss. The more points you get, the more severe the penalties become e.g. if a company is illegally dumping, some of their assets (like properties) should be seized.