To address biodiversity loss caused by overexploitation. To make sure places where we grow and gather our food are places where biodiversity can thrive, and the people who work in these places are helped to tackle biodiversity loss.

Stop the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. This would include:

  • Preventing people from spraying plants with pesticides and chemicals
  • Making sure farmers do not spread chemicals on the roads

Support farmers to grow organic because they are better for the environment and our health.

Provide greater incentives to reduce methane.

Enforce regulations and quotas on hunting/exploitation of certain types of species (endangered/protected species). Fine people if they break the quota.

Reduce overgrazing to limit impacts on grassland habitats. Provide schemes, subsidies and support to farmers so they don’t have to overexploit in the first place.

Give farmers money to support them to make the changes needed.

Place limits on people for doing different things during different seasons e.g. hunting, farming, fishing.

Halve the size of the national cow herd.

Stop overfishing through having restrictions, quotas and regulations on fishing practices (only ethically-caught fish).