Restoring and Rewilding

To restore and rewild environments which support our biodiversity, including urban and rural places, and develop national parks with the people who might work in these places.

Make more national parks, nature reserves, protected areas and safe spaces (a mix of private and public spaces) for animals and different habitats by:

  • Creating more policies for protecting and restoring biodiversity
  • Giving more land to biodiversity
  • Offering to pay people money to encourage them to turn private land into national parks
  • Giving benefits to landowners and farmers to take action on their land to encourage biodiversity
  • Making biodiversity the main focus of all tidy towns groups instead of tidiness

Restore and reintroduce native species including trees, plants, flowers and predators (e.g. wolves).

Make more green spaces in cities and urban areas.

Fund more rangers, forest keepers and other green jobs.

Give money and support to people who might lose their jobs so they can find green jobs.

When developing new buildings, don’t disturb rivers – protect their natural movement.

Reforest Ireland! Every time someone is born, a tree should be planted so over time we will have forests full and protected for nature.

Cut down fewer trees and find new materials to replace paper.

Increase the number of deciduous plantations in Ireland.

Prevent deliberate and accidental forest fires.