Waste and Consumption

To limit the impact of things we buy and use on the environment and biodiversity. To support sustainable ways of living which do not contribute to biodiversity loss, and help to promote biodiversity.

Ban single-use plastic.

Make shops and businesses take back and correctly dispose of their waste by law.

Create refill stations across Ireland (i.e. refilleries/eco-shops for food and other products).

Reduce clothes waste and fast-fashion.

Create more specified recycling systems.

Stop sewage pollution.

Stop pollution of all waters (i.e. rivers, lakes, oceans).

Reduce meat consumption by:

  • Introducing a meat tax
  • Stopping the slaughtering of animals unless we really need it
  • Creating more farms for producing vegetables rather than for feeding animals

Encourage people to grow more vegetables for themselves.

Encourage plant-based food / vegetarian diets.

Reduce food waste by educating people and companies about how they can do this, and repurposing food waste into sources of energy.

If building new homes, build upwards, not outwards. Otherwise, use current housing stock and fix derelict, abandoned buildings for people to live in.

Make sustainable living more affordable and therefore more achievable.