The Teaching Resources for Youth-informed Biodiversity Education (TRYBE) was an initiative which seeked to engage and empower the younger generation with knowledge to understand the value of biodiversity and to address the critical challenges of biodiversity loss. TRYBE co-designed and co-created educational resources (targeting children and young people age 8-16) based on the outcomes and recommendations of the Children and Young People’s Assembly on Biodiversity Loss. TRYBE was funded through Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover call and coordinated by the MaREI Centre at UCC in partnership with researchers at DCU and educators from Biodiversity in Schools.

Due to limited supply, only one physical copy can be sent per request. However, you are welcome to photocopy the printed version or print the downloadable version of the Biodiversity Activity Book available on the previous page.
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Project Timeline

October 2022

Our Assembly Weekends took place in Co. Wicklow and Co. Kerry. Minister Malcolm Noonan joined on the final day to listen to the Assembly members’ calls to actions.

November – December

Six Assembly members presented the Assembly’s vision statement, key messages, and calls to action to the Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss.

At COP15, the global Biodiversity Conference of the Parties, Minister Malcolm Noonan talked about the Assembly to decision-makers from all over the world!

January – February 2023

TRYBE begins! We began to build the team, and to map out what biodiversity resources exist already.

The adults in the Assembly team (and with help from the Young Advisors) also finished writing the final report about the Assembly journey.

March – June

Our TRYBE team sessions began in March.

June – September

The development of the resources continued over the summer.


We came together in person to make a video and test out the Biodiversity Activity Book together.

November – December

We will share the Biodiversity Activity Booklet and other resources with schools and clubs nationally…and we will continue to share them far and wide!