Secondary School Resources

This resource pack was developed under the TRYBE project in cooperation with educators from the Irish Schools Sustainability Network. These resources are intended for secondary school students and provide a simple introduction to key concepts in biodiversity education, including nature-based solutions and legislative protection for the environment.

This resource pack includes three structured PowerPoint lesson plans intended to be delivered in order (State of Nature, Nature Based Solutions, and Nature Restoration Law). We have also included a more informal resource, Gardening for Biodiversity, which focuses on biodiversity-friendly activities which can be done at school or at home – and its twin resource, the Biodiversity Activity Calendar, provides you with a fun and interactive way to connect with nature, one activity at a time, for a whole year!

While these resources were developed primarily with a classroom environment in mind, they are also applicable to informal learning environments, such as in clubs, community groups, or at home!

Sample Activities